Frequently Asked Questions


Won't it be Hard to Rewire my House?
It sure would be! And very expensive. But, we don't need new wiring with our wirefree home automation systems. We use your home's existing 110 volt power wires, radio, and infrared light beams to carry the signals without the incredible expense of installing the CAT5 and Coaxial cables used in pre-wired "Smart" homes.
Ten years ago, we installed cutting-edge wiring and cables in our home in Chagrin Falls, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. But technology marches on, and it's already becoming obsolete: We'd need to "rewire" completely, with fiber optics which use light over glass fibers to handle the higher bandwidths of fast internet access, etc. with a new "wired" system.. Who knows what we'll need in ten more years?
As technologies improve, you can upgrade wirefree systems by simply adding new wirefree components. Our inexpensive, full-color, wirefree video cameras use the recently-available 2.4 GHz radio spectrum to send video signals throughout your home, while the control signals to switch them on and off travel through the 110V power outlets which power them. That technology only became affordable and available recently, and installing it in our house in no way required any new wiring or changes to the existing home control systems. It's like the difference between an "all-in-1" stereo/tape/phonograph and a system of "components": Which was easier to add CD, Minidisc, DVD and HDTV to? Component system!


Can I get just those parts I want of a Wirefree Home Automation system?
Of course! There is no single "wirefree" system, but instead there are a number of complementary wirefree technologies for achieving each part of a "smart" home solution. This guarantees you can add to your system as your needs or technology changes, without having to scrap the entire system. This is a major difference between wired and wirefree systems. In a wired system, the minute you outgrow the wire set initially installed, or when new technologies demand higher capacities than your wiring was designed for, you need to add new wires throughout the house to the central junction panel. While some part of a wirefree system could easily be improved upon with time, you can upgrade that part without "wasting" an investment made in wires, and without touching the remaining components.